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post8 - How to Control Emotional Eating Before It Destroys You

How to Control Emotional Eating Before It Destroys You

Stressed at work? Had a violent fight with your boyfriend? Failed to achieve something you’ve been working so hard for years? Sometimes, it seems everything conspires to make you feel down and blue. So what do you do? Most women are likely to overindulge in comfort eating to soothe negative emotions. If you tend to open the fridge and grab some ice cream or chocolate whenever you’re stressed, sad, or angry, then you’re prone to emotional eating. The strongest food cravings occur when you’re at your lowest emotional point.

Why people take comfort in comfort food

People usually give in to emotional eating when they’re going through a serious problem or when they want to ease or hold back negative emotions such as depression, loneliness, stress, anxiety, anger, and boredom. Women are more likely to binge than men under emotional distress, according to a recent breakthrough study conducted by the Brookhaven National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy. The study further found that unlike men, women cannot control their appetite well when they’re depressed.

Emotional eating is not healthy especially for women, who tend to use food as a therapist during the distressing episodes of their lives. Overeating only puts weight loss efforts in vain. Not only does this poor eating habit ruin your body figure, it also increases your risk of getting sick. When you overeat, you consume high amounts of cholesterol, calories, fats, salt, and sugar. Too much intake of these elements in food can create more health problems over time.

But the good news is that you can do something to curb your urge to eat comfort foods. Controlling your unhealthy eating habits is possible even if you’ve been slave to your strong longing for food. Here are some strategies that you can use to control your eating habits.

Physical and emotional hunger are two different things

First, you must know the difference between physical and emotional hunger. Food is not the remedy to emotional hunger. Just because you’re craving for potato chips or ice cream, that doesn’t mean you are physically hungry.

Document your eating habits

Keeping a food journal can help you monitor your eating habits. You will need to write down the food you eat, the amount you eat, how often you eat, your feelings when you eat, and how hungry you are. After several weeks, you may track some patterns that show poor eating habits and the causes of emotional eating.

Get rid of junk foods

How can you stop binging on junk foods and other comfort foods with high-calorie content? Get rid of them. Easier said than done, eh? But if you’re serious to stop your emotional eating, this is one effective step that you can take. Rather than opening a pack of chocolates, you can turn to other things for comfort such as listening to music, watching movies, or meeting your friends. Keeping yourself distracted can easily put your mind off from eating whenever you feel stressed or depressed.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Finally, you should keep a healthy diet and do regular exercises. These two important health factors can do wonders to mood-related eating disorders by making your body fight stress and enhancing your mood.

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post9 - What are the Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol?

What are the Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol?

The body can make cholesterol on its own. If a person eats food rich in saturated fats and oil, an imbalance occurs in the body. The risk of cardiovascular problems such as a heart attack increases as the person becomes older. The risk is much higher if certain precautions are not done right away.

The two types of cholesterol are low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is more commonly known as bad cholesterol. Excessive amount of bad cholesterol in the body is bad for the health.

Fortunately, the body can counter the effects of bad cholesterol with the high-density lipoprotein (HDL). To ensure that the heart and blood circulation work well, the two types of cholesterol should be balanced.

A blood test is the single way to determine the cholesterol level in a patient’s body. The cholesterol level that ranges from 4.4 to 7.1 has less chance of developing a heart attack. Levels beyond that range mean a high risk of having cardiovascular problems.

Regular physical activities

One of the natural ways to reduce cholesterol is exercise. Brisk walking every other day or working on Pilates machines in the gym or your home can lower cholesterol levels.

Studies prove that doing physical activities is way safer and better than using prescription drugs or food supplements. When taken, drugs and food supplements may have side effects.

Eating right

Eating the right kind of food is also a natural way to lower cholesterol level in the body. It involves eating fewer amounts of oily foods, junk foods, and red meat. That particularly means saying goodbye to cake, candies, bread, potato chips, and French fries. To reduce cholesterol, people must change their eating habits. The effects of a proper diet can be rewarding for many people.

One of the effective natural ways to reduce cholesterol is to avoid frying foods. Instead, people can try healthier ways of cooking food such as boiling, steaming, or simply putting food in the microwave.

Drinking right

Drinking milk may make the bones stronger, but milk contains some harmful ingredients. Healthier alternatives for regular milk include non-fat milk and soy milk.

Also, drinking lots of natural fruit juice and water is good for the heart. Fruits have properties that help lower cholesterol.

Another safe drink is unsweetened tea. However, it may taste different. To add some flavor, one can mix it with a sachet of sweetener.

Monitoring cholesterol levels

The best way to monitor cholesterol levels in the body is being careful with the food and drinks consumed. This is also beneficial to the overall health of the person. Even if the first blood test may show alarming results, the cholesterol level may improve with regular exercise and proper diet.

All these natural ways to reduce cholesterol levels do not cost much. Similarly, maintaining a healthier lifestyle is easy if one tries lowering cholesterol the natural way. It only shows that reducing cholesterol is possible if you know the right thing to do. This is way better than staying in a hospital due to complications that may lead to death of the patient.

post10 - How to Work Out with Ease and Comfort Using a Pilates Machine

How to Work Out with Ease and Comfort Using a Pilates Machine

Are you into Pilates? If you are used to doing traditional Pilates workouts, you might wonder why Pilates needs a machine. Using a Pilates machine is beneficial to one’s health. Designed for resistance training, this machine for Pilates workouts can enhance a person’s muscle flexibility and posture alignment. It is also a great way to stimulate your workout and to put variety to your routine.

The Pilates reformer

When gym buffs and Pilates enthusiasts talk about Pilates machines, they’re actually referring to the Pilates equipment called the reformers. Reformers, which are the most well known Pilates equipment, are structured in a way that enables easier and more precise movements. Over 100 workout routines can be performed on a reformer.

A Pilates reformer consists of sliding bars, springs, straps, pulleys, and ropes. The sliding bar is where you can lie, stand, sit, or kneel on your side, front, or back. The springs, which can be adjusted, allow resistance to build and strengthen the muscles. To use the reformer, you should push and pull off the foot bar. Use your wrists, arms, legs, and ankles to glide back and forth carefully along the rails. While you are doing it, your muscles are worked out by the tension produced in the reformer’s springs.

What a Pilates machine can do

Using Pilates reformer enables the user to effectively perform toning and stretching workouts, which are good for the joints. For beginners, reformer workouts involve simple movements such as a relaxing and nearly effortless back and forth sliding on the sliding bar. The workout becomes more challenging as time progresses.

Pilates reformers are seen not only in gyms or Pilates studios but also in other locations. These machines can also be found in rehabilitation clinics and are recommended by health care professionals such as chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapists. You can also find reformers at spas and health clubs that offer group reformer classes.

How to find the best Pilates reformer

If you want to purchase a Pilates reformer, you can find a number of models that carry both great quality and aesthetics. Whether for home, clinic, or studio use, there are things that must be looked for when shopping for a reformer. First is durability. Make sure that every component such as metal, wood, and upholstery is guaranteed to last for a long time.

Check the reformer parts and make sure that each displays the following qualities: sturdy sliding bar, high-quality springs, adjustable and non-slip foot bar, smooth sliding carriage, comfortable hand and foot loops, and padded shoulder rests. In addition, the necessary adjustments for the parts must be easy to do so that various body sizes and ability levels can be accommodated.

All the above-mentioned qualities should be present so that you can exercise with ease and comfort using your Pilates machine.

post11 - Prevent Serious Illnesses with the Five to Thrive Plan

Prevent Serious Illnesses with the Five to Thrive Plan

Nature versus nurture. Do you think that your genes are your destiny? Think again! The truth is, we can directly and profoundly influence how our genes behave.  While it is true that our genes do have influence, they are more like a blueprint. The house built from a blueprint depends on the skill of the builders, the materials used, the lay of the land, and the interpretation of the construction crew. We, too, have the opportunity, through the choices we make, to change the expression of our genetic blueprint.

How do we change our genetic expression?

31 - Prevent Serious Illnesses with the Five to Thrive Plan

There are five bodily pathways that have the greatest influence on our genes and our health. Those five pathways are immune, inflammation, insulin resistance, hormones, and digestion and detoxification. These pathways are superhighways of influence that carry information from our lifestyle to our DNA and specifically to the proteins that switch genes on and off.

The status of these pathways has significant impact on how our genes behave. There are five core strategies that most influence these pathways: diet, movement, dietary supplements, rejuvenation, and spirit. Implementing critical actions within each of these core strategies will greatly impact the pathways, ultimately changing our DNA expression towards health and away from disease. This represents our Five to Thrive Plan, a lifestyle strategy to help create vital living and lower the risk of chronic disease, especially cancer.

Five things you can do to improve your health

32 - Prevent Serious Illnesses with the Five to Thrive Plan

The key to thriving is to incorporate action steps into our daily lives. For example, from a dietary standpoint, here are five things you can do each day to enhance your health and help prevent serious diseases such as cancer:

  1. Engage your five senses when you eat (smell your food, feel its texture in your mouth, appreciate the beauty of the food, really taste your food, and listen to the world around you as you enjoy your meal)
  2. Add more colorful fruits and vegetables to each meal (strive for a rainbow on your plate)
  3. Add more spices like rosemary, turmeric, and garlic to your food (more is better, and be sure to use fresh spices whenever possible)
  4. Eat a whole food diet and eliminate processed foods as much as possible (you should be able to recognize the food you eat by looking at it!)
  5. Eat organic whenever you can (especially when it comes to thin skinned fruits and vegetables, poultry, beef, and dairy)

These five dietary action steps are based on the scientific literature and what research has confirmed. In our book, “The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer,” we explain why these action steps are important. We also provide practical and easy-to-follow advice in other core strategies of healthy living.

Whether you are faced with a diagnosis, want to prevent a recurrence of a serious illness such as cancer, or are just interested in revitalizing your health and wellness, our goal is to inspire and empower you with a practical and scientifically solid plan. Transform your internal landscape with the Five to Thrive Plan for healthy living!