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Why You Should Aim For that Sweaty Glow

“Don’t sweat it” may be a good idea when you’re overstressed, but not when you’re detoxing.... Read more

The Healing Power of Canine Companions

While all domesticated animals provide innumerable pleasures, dogs have helped us understand the health benefits of animal companionship the most. What is it about canines that comfort us so?... Read more

Stretch Yourself by Focusing on Flexibility

Exercise is a critical component to thriving! Enhancing flexibility as a part of a regular exercise program is key.... Read more

iHeartRadio Daily Pulse: The Truth About ChemoBrain

​Chemobrain is a recognized long-term adverse effect of chemotherapy. Find out some promising natural strategies to address this challenge.... Read more

Podcast: Keys to Weight Loss for Cancer Survivors

Katherine Neubauer, ND, FABNO, shares the best practices for cancer survivors struggling with weight loss.... Read more

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Does Chemo Make Patients Smell Bad?

Dr. Lise Alschuler was asked, “Is ‘chemo smell’ an actual odor that chemo patients develop…or does chemotherapy alter patients’ perception of smell, so that their own bodies smell bad to themselves but smell fine to others?” Read her response in Bottom Line Publications.

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