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iHeartRadio Talk: How Food Can Enhance Mood

How big of an influence does food have on our mood? Not only find out the answer to that question, find out which diet expert guest Kelly Brogan, MD, recommends to most of her patients with mental health issues... Read more

Podcast: The Basics of Healthy Eating

Paul Gannon, ND, shares some simple tips and tricks in the kitchen to make healthful dietary changes approachable and convenient.... Read more

5 Ways to Avoid Toxins in Your Food and Reduce Your Cancer Risk

We all know the perils of supersized sodas and not-so Happy Meals. But even the foods we think are good for us may actually pack a powerful and toxic one-two punch. ... Read more

Podcast: The Nature of Health

Louise Edwards, ND, joins Five to Thrive Live to discuss creating the conditions for healing and health.... Read more

A Look at Alcohol Consumption and Cancer Risk

Regular alcohol consumption has been subjected to significant scientific scrutiny over the years. There have been several studies that have warned us of the dangers associated with regular consumption of alcohol. While these studies gain the eye of the media, an equally impressive body of data has found alcohol consumption contributes to healthy longevity. On balance, here are a few of the conclusions that we can make.... Read more

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Does Chemo Make Patients Smell Bad?

Dr. Lise Alschuler was asked, “Is ‘chemo smell’ an actual odor that chemo patients develop…or does chemotherapy alter patients’ perception of smell, so that their own bodies smell bad to themselves but smell fine to others?” Read her response in Bottom Line Publications.

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