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iHeartRadio Talk: How Food Can Enhance Mood

How big of an influence does food have on our mood? Not only find out the answer to that question, find out which diet expert guest Kelly Brogan, MD, recommends to most of her patients with mental health issues... Read more

Podcast: A Deeper Look at the Quality and Benefits of Fish Oil

This episode of Five to Thrive Live explores fish oil supplements with special guest, Adam Ismail.... Read more

Podcast: The Basics of Healthy Eating

Paul Gannon, ND, shares some simple tips and tricks in the kitchen to make healthful dietary changes approachable and convenient.... Read more

Why You Should Aim For that Sweaty Glow

“Don’t sweat it” may be a good idea when you’re overstressed, but not when you’re detoxing.... Read more

5 Ways to Avoid Toxins in Your Food and Reduce Your Cancer Risk

We all know the perils of supersized sodas and not-so Happy Meals. But even the foods we think are good for us may actually pack a powerful and toxic one-two punch. ... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Startling Facts About Canine Cancer

On this episode, we explore the amazing impact that our four-legged friends have on us and how we can help them reduce their risk of developing cancer.... Read more

The Healing Power of Canine Companions

While all domesticated animals provide innumerable pleasures, dogs have helped us understand the health benefits of animal companionship the most. What is it about canines that comfort us so?... Read more

Podcast: The Nature of Health

Louise Edwards, ND, joins Five to Thrive Live to discuss creating the conditions for healing and health.... Read more

Is All Stress Bad?

​Of course too much stress is a bad habit…or is it? Placing stress in the bad habit category actually may be unfair.... Read more

A Look at Alcohol Consumption and Cancer Risk

Regular alcohol consumption has been subjected to significant scientific scrutiny over the years. There have been several studies that have warned us of the dangers associated with regular consumption of alcohol. While these studies gain the eye of the media, an equally impressive body of data has found alcohol consumption contributes to healthy longevity. On balance, here are a few of the conclusions that we can make.... Read more

Podcast: Polyphenols Pack a Punch

As Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella dig into the Five to Thrive Plan, this episode explores the fascinating topic of polyphenol dietary supplements and share which ones they feel are the most potent for health and cancer prevention.... Read more

The Pleasure in a Cup of Coffee

Many people express guilty pleasure about their morning cup of coffee, assuming that it must be bad for them. Actually, the scientific data tells us a different story.... Read more

iHeartRadio Daily Pulse: How to Create Calm

What do you do when life gets crazy?... Read more

Good News about Bad Habits

We all have a few bad habits; there’s no shame in admitting it. Any one of us could confess to doing things habitually that are just not good for us. Admitting these behaviors is the first step to beating them.... Read more

Stretch Yourself by Focusing on Flexibility

Exercise is a critical component to thriving! Enhancing flexibility as a part of a regular exercise program is key.... Read more

iHeartRadio Daily Pulse: Mediterranean Diet Makes Sense

​There can be a lot of debate about what qualifies as a healthy-promoting diet. Find out what the creators of the Five to Thrive Plan recommend.... Read more

iHeartRadio Daily Pulse: The Truth About ChemoBrain

​Chemobrain is a recognized long-term adverse effect of chemotherapy. Find out some promising natural strategies to address this challenge.... Read more

iHeartRadio Daily Pulse: The Healing Power of Happiness

Everyone deserves to be happy. Learn what happiness is – and isn’t.... Read more

Podcast: Holistic Hints for Breast Cancer Prevention

Maggie McKivergin, RN, shares tips and tools for breast cancer prevention with a focus on naturally nurturing our bodies for optimal health.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Maximizing Cancer Treatment Outcomes

This episode features Dr. Rena Bloom who is not only a talented integrative physician, she is also a breast cancer survivor. She shares some of her most successful strategies for minimizing the side effects of cancer treatment.... Read more

Stress Relief with L-Theanine

There seems to be no end to the health benefits found in a cup of green tea. One of them is the sense of calm it can bring—not just because of the act of slowing down and sipping, but also because it contains a soothing amino acid, L-theanine. In supplement form, L-theanine is even more powerful, making it a popular stress-reliever. One of the most studied forms of L-theanine is a branded ingredient known as Suntheanine®.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: How to Maintain Your Digestive Health

Learn how to protect your gut for overall health.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: How to Encourage More Joy, Laughter, Hope, and Love in Our Lives

On this episode, hosts Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella share significant strategies to have a spirit-filled life.... Read more

Mindfulness: Finding Joy in Awareness

Buddha teaches that the path to enlightenment is created through mindfulness. Mindfulness, or paying attention to all things in the present moment, is also being used as a psychological tool and even as a therapy to heal mental and physical conditions. For everyone, a heightened sense of awareness brings us more joy, happiness, and appreciation in our day-to-day lives.... Read more

Podcast: Whole-Brain Thinking for Financial Success

​Ellen Rogin joins Five to Thrive Live to discuss financial wellness.... Read more

Podcast: Doctor as Patient with Breast Cancer

​On this episode of Five to Thrive Live, Dr. Lise Alschuler hosts Dr. Molly Niedermeyer. Niedermeyer discusses the side effects of chemotherapy. These include the impact on family members, pets and her environment. She describes the emotional roller coaster of each treatment option from surgery, to chemo, to radiation and the foundational necessities nutritionally to get through and counter act the side effects of chemo.... Read more

Podcast: 6 Steps to Set Your Spirit Free

On this episode of Five to Thrive Live, Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella share some of their favorite tips and tricks for exuberant living.... Read more

The Healthy Aging Diet

Our ability to age healthfully comes down to the health of each of our cells. By taking a proactive approach to aging, we can experience healthy aging instead of disease-related decline.... Read more

Podcast: Keys to Weight Loss for Cancer Survivors

Katherine Neubauer, ND, FABNO, shares the best practices for cancer survivors struggling with weight loss.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Exploring the Ketogenic Diet

​On this episode listeners will learn about the ketogenic diet and how it may help support a holistic cancer prevention and treatment plan.... Read more

Do Dietary Supplements Make Sense?

Dietary supplements are called “supplements” for a reason. They are meant to supplement a healthy diet. They should not be used as replacements for healthy eating.... Read more

iHeartRadio Daily Pulse: Why is Green Tea so Good?

What can stimulate your immune system, reduce inflammation, enhance detoxification, and assist with weight loss?... Read more

iHeartRadio Daily Pulse: The Healing Power of Laughter

Laughter really does have health benefits and should be considered one of the most important healing tools we can use to prevent illness and live vibrant lives.... Read more

The Strengths and Limitations of Yoga

Numerous studies have described and confirmed the many benefits of yoga. Here is a quick guide to find out which is best for your cancer prevention plan.... Read more

Podcast: Qigong to Create Vibrant Health

Shoshanna Katzman joins Dr. Lise Alschuler on this episode of Five to Thrive Live to discuss the health benefits of qigong.... Read more

Podcast: How Chinese Medicine Can Help Manage the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Amy Matecki, MD, LAc, joins Karolyn Gazella on Five to Thrive Live to discuss how acupuncture and herbs can help manage side effects of cancer treatments.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Under Pressure? Stress Management Tips

You may not be able to reduce the amount of stress you are under, but what if you could find ways to manage that stress and thrive despite it?... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Bringing Back Balance Prediabetes Detox

It may take more than diet and exercise to reverse this disorder. Find out what toxins impact prediabetes and how you can get back on track to conquering this disease.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Cancer Prevention Dietary Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to cancer prevention and treatment, are there specific dietary do’s and don’ts? A healthy diet has the potential to lower cancer risk by up to 30%! ... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Calling All Cancer Survivors!

You've had the diagnosis of cancer, you've completed treatment, now what? Now it's time to focus on true, deep healing.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Cutting Edge Cancer Research

Find out what's new in the area of integrative cancer treatment. Learn about special diets during treatment, intravenous vitamin C, and more!... Read more

Go Green to Boost Your Workout

What if there were an easy way to get even more benefit from movement? Would you be interested? Well luckily, there is–and it’s simple. Just go green to boost your workout.... Read more

How Does Color Kill Cancer?

Enhancing your diet by eating more color can support cancer prevention.... Read more

Podcast: Virtual Colonoscopy, The Newest Choice in Colo-Rectal Cancer Screening

​Dr. Lise Alschuler interviews William Blanchet, MD, on the topic of colon cancer prevention.... Read more

Podcast: Breast Density & Cancer – The Impact on Screening, Risk and Outcomes

In this show, you’ll learn how breast density impacts screening and cancer risk, as well as breast cancer treatment outcomes and risk of recurrence.... Read more

5 Things You Can Do to Add More Love to Your Life

Create a love meditation, speak from the heart, and engage in your favorite past times are just three of the many ways you can add more love to your life.... Read more

Podcast: Sweets that Kill

Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD, joins Five to Thrive Live to discuss why so many women are at high risk for cancer, diabetes and heart disease and what we can do to reverse it.... Read more

Podcast: Redefining Able with Trish Downing, Pioneer in Women’s Sports

​We are excited to host Trish Downing on this episode of Five to Thrive Live! She is recognized as a pioneer in the sport of women’s paratriathlon, which is the sport of triathlon for athletes with disabilities.... Read more

Podcast: Managing Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects with Integrative Medicine

Karolyn Gazella interviews Dr. Philippa Cheetham on the topic of prostate cancer and how integrative medicine can help patients manage the side effects of prostate cancer treatment.... Read more

Podcast: The Role of Natural Medicine in Cancer Prevention

Dr. Lise Alschuler hosts Dr. Dan Rubin to discuss naturopathic oncology, integrative oncology, and the role of natural medicine in cancer prevention.... Read more

Podcast: Stress, SunFiber and How Fiber Relates to Bowel Health

Dr. Cathleen London joins Five to Thrive Live to discuss stress, SunFiber, and how fiber relates to bowel health.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: The Healing Power of Horses

Karolyn and Lise are joined by guests Diane Chaffe and Kerry Borcherding to talk about the healing power of equine therapy.... Read more

3 Simple Steps to Help Set Your Spirit Free

Core Strategy #1 of the Five to Thrive plan to support cancer prevention and sustainable exuberant living: Enhance Your Spirit. These simple steps can help.... Read more

Rise to New Levels with a Mental Health Cleanse

Core Strategy #5 of the Five to Thrive plan to support cancer prevention and sustainable exuberant living: Create Rejuvenation. A CREAM cleanse can help clear the mind and lift the spirit.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Make a Big Impact on Your Health with a Little Vitamin D

You will be amazed by what a little Vitamin D can do for you!... Read more

Podcast: The Master Antioxidant - Glutathione

On this episode of Five to Thrive Live, Dr. Danielle Citrolo joins us to explain what glutathione is and its function in our health and wellness.... Read more

Podcast: Food as Medicine, A Conversation with Terry Wahls, MD

​Dr. Terry Wahls visits Five to Thrive Live to discuss the paleo diet in relation to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and her own personal journey with MS and how the paleo diet can enhance cancer prevention.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Natural Cold and Flu Relief

Whether you are interested in boosting your immune system to help prevent the cold and flu, looking for symptom relief, or wanting to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold, this show is for you.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Foundations of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

​Why is it so important to reduce chronic, internal inflammation and, more importantly, how do we do it?!... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: What Is the Birth Control Pill Really Doing to a Woman’s Body

This episode of Five to Thrive Live demystifies birth control pills.... Read more

5 Goodies to Soothe Your Sore Throat During the Cold & Flu Season

Suffering from a sore throat this cold and flu season? Try a cup of slippery elm tea to help alleviate it.... Read more

What Does It Mean to Exuberate?

A few weeks back, we introduced our CREAM cleanse to rejuvenate the mind and help you rise to the top just like cream when you implement Core Strategy #5 of the Five to Thrive plan for cancer prevention: Create Rejuvenation.​ So far, we have explored what it means to capitulate and remediate. Now let’s examine: exuberate.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Enrich Your Diet, Give Fat a Fighting Chance

When we take aim at the battle of the bulge, we need to remember that not all fat is bad. In fact, there are fats that are essential... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Breaking-Down Vitamin E, an Important Nutrient from Annatto Beans

Listen to this podcast for innovative and important information about vitamin E, specifically the powerful nutrient known as tocotrienol... Read more

Video: The Healing Power of Silence

Considering a detox for rejuvenation? A media cleanse might do the trick.... Read more

The Healing Sounds of Silence

Do you live a loud lifestyle? When was the last time you sat in silence, drove in silence or just spent the day without television, radio or even conversation? Have we become so accustomed to background noise that when it’s not there, we search it out? Perhaps the most important question of all: What does all this noise do to our health even if it’s not harming our hearing?... Read more

Cheers to a New Year Filled with Love, Gratitude, and Unbridled Joy

And now let us welcome the new year - full of things that have never been. ~Rainer Maria Rilke... Read more

Encouraging More Joy, Laughter, Hope, & Love

This Five to Thrive Live! Podcast explores how spirituality can enhance your physical and emotional health, and the health of your relationships... Read more

Cleaning Out Mental Toxins this Winter

As the year winds down and the New Year approaches, you may find yourself in a more reflective mood. Reflection can lead a to a desire to clean out mental toxins.... Read more

Better Manage Holiday Stress with the Balance APP

Five to Thrive Live! Podcast: Discover how to thrive during stressful times with the "Balance APP"... Read more

Rejuvenate with a Cleansing of the Mind

When we write about detoxifying, we focus on cleansing the body. But what about cleansing the mind? We suggest you try our CREAM cleanse. We like this acronym because it represents rising to the top—and that’s what we hope this cleanse will help you do.... Read more

Holiday Dishes Can Be Delicious and Enhance Your Diet

There are thousands of compounds (a.k.a. polyphenols) in fruits, vegetables and spices. Go Green this Holiday Season with a Roasted Asparagus Salad with Arugula and Ground Hazelnuts. ... Read more

Movement Matters!

Discover the most powerful lifestyle strategy to reduce the risk of cancer... Read more

Color Kills Cancer

Listen to this week’s Daily Pulse to learn more about the health benefits of eating a colorful diet... Read more

Five Fun Facts to Remember

Check out these five simple and helpful facts about diet, rejuvenation, dietary supplements, spirit, and movement... Read more

Glutathione: The Master Antioxidant

Listen to this week’s Daily Pulse to learn about the health benefits of glutathione... Read more

The Healing Power of Probiotics

Probiotics are critical to supporting the five key pathways for optimal health and cancer risk reduction. Listen to this week’s Thrive Thought to learn more... Read more

Adaptogens: Supplements for Supreme Balance

Just as you might guess from the word, plants in the adaptogen group help us to adapt to our environment—and most notably to the stress in our environment... Read more

This Molecule May Enhance Morality!

Find out how oxytocin can help decrease the physical ill-effects of stress, give us a sense of relaxed alertness, and even help us be better human beings!... Read more

Thrive Through This Cold And Flu Season

As leaves begin to change color, so too do some people’s noses! All that blowing, sneezing, and sniffling are the tell tale signs of cold and flu season. Prevention is top of mind for most people this time of year. But keep in mind that getting a cold is not necessarily bad... Read more

Transform Your Internal Landscape with the Five to Thrive® Plan!

Nature versus nurture. Do you think that your genes are your destiny? Think again! The truth is, we can directly and profoundly influence how our genes behave. While it is true that our genes do have influence, they are more like a blueprint... Read more

The Healing Power of Plants

We can find healing in some pretty wonderful places and one of our favorite spots is in nature. While we love being outside enjoying the splendor of Mother Nature, it turns out that it’s wise to invite her in to our living and working environments... Read more

Opportunities to Thrive Abound

The word opportunistic can have dual meaning. On the one hand, it simply means to take advantage of opportunities but it can also mean to exploit those opportunities without moral principle. While illnesses like cancer are opportunistic in an exploitive way, people with illnesses can be opportunistic in an entirely different and positive way... Read more

Get Some Rest Because Snooze and You Can Lose

We all know that adequate sleep is a cornerstone of good health. With sufficient sleep, we regenerate our immune system, reset our inflammatory pathways, balance our blood sugar, recalibrate our stress response, build stronger bones, and renew our digestive system... Read more

Three Cancer-Fighting Dietary Tips to Remember

Did you know that 50 to 80 percent of cancer patients experience nutritional issues that can not only affect their clinical outcomes, but also their quality of life? Cancer patients and survivors can manage their symptoms, improve their well-being, and reduce the risk of recurrence with proper nutrition... Read more

Don’t Pack on The Pounds This Sports Season

New research featured in the journal Psychological Science shows that if you tend to gain extra weight in the fall, you may want cheer for a new team... Read more

Feeling Stressed? Find a Fitness Friend!

The mental health benefits of exercise are undisputed. We’ve been writing about that specific mind-body connection for years. But new research indicates regular exercise is most beneficial when the exerciser has also exercised her networking skills... Read more

The Perfect Pairing of Two Key Nutrients

Two of the most universally helpful supplements to minimize the risk of chronic diseases while optimizing health are vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Each of these supplements has a long list of benefits with considerable overlap... Read more

The Apple A Day Experience

How are you “experiencing” life? Are you aware of the nuances, details, and pleasures that can exist in each moment? In the audio recording below, Karolyn describes how the simple act of eating an apple can be transformed from something we feel we have to do into something we want to do... Read more

Who Knew? Fiber Affords Some Protection from Second Hand Smoke

Now this is fascinating food for thought. A recently published study looked at nutritional factors that had the greatest modifying effect on the risk of heart disease from exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke...... Read more

Music Can Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit

It has been said that what exercise does for the body, music does for the brain. And it’s true music can soothe the soul and make your spirit soar. Music truly does have healing power. Recent research shows that it can also help reverse the negative affects of stress... Read more

The Resilience of a Thriver

Resilience refers to the dynamic process of positive adaptation during times of significant adversity. Many tools for understanding and building personal resilience were offered during our Five to Thrive Live! internet radio show with Lori Knutson, RN. To understand your own resilience, Lori suggests asking yourself these self-reflective questions... Read more

Nothing Beats Breakfast

A great day begins with a great start, especially when it comes to breakfast. There are many studies that have demonstrated the importance of the first meal of the day. People who eat breakfast in general have healthier nutrient levels, maintain healthy body weight, have better concentration and productivity, and tend to exercise more! All this from eating breakfast – but not just any breakfast will do. A healthy meal is the best way to start your day... Read more

Nature Nurtures Photo Contest

The sun shines softly saturating us with vitamin D; the leaves rhythmically sway in the cool breeze reducing cortisol levels; and the smell of pine bark boosts Natural Killer immune cell activity. It’s not surprising that being out in nature is so healing! The fact is, numerous studies have shown that Mother Nature actually does stimulate physiologically therapeutic effects in our bodies... Read more

Most Popular Thrive Thoughts So Far This Year!

We’re halfway through the year and it’s time to share our five most popular Thrive Thoughts so far! Below are links to the Thrive Thoughts that you shared, liked, and read most frequently this year... Read more

Five Ways to Feel the Love

The feeling we get when we give and receive love has physiological effects on our internal landscape. In fact, research demonstrates that being in love is actually like taking a drug... Read more

A “Moving” Week of Fitness Fun

We keep talking about exercise because, well, it is just so good for us! Even though we have extolled the virtues of exercise before, there is even more reason to do so again. Knowing that regular exercise is good for us may make us want to be active on a daily basis, but wanting and doing are two different things. To help you get started we put together a prototype for a week’s worth of fitness... Read more

Make Your Diet Your Multivitamin

While there are certainly health benefits to be gained from taking high quality vitamin and mineral supplements, the real question is: How can we get all of those important vitamins and minerals found in a multivitamin in our diet... Read more

Significant Steps to Solving Stress

Stress! Many of us mutter this word through pursed lips, our heads hung low with shame and worry. “Why,” we say to ourselves, “am I so stressed? I know it is bad for me, and yet, I can’t seem to stop it” ... Read more

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Does Chemo Make Patients Smell Bad?

Dr. Lise Alschuler was asked, “Is ‘chemo smell’ an actual odor that chemo patients develop…or does chemotherapy alter patients’ perception of smell, so that their own bodies smell bad to themselves but smell fine to others?” Read her response in Bottom Line Publications.

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