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Sustainable Health Tips to Transform Your Internal Landscape

Are you ready to thrive? Then we have a free gift for you!... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Food Allergies - The Hidden Malady

​Learn what food allergies are and how to test to see if you have food allergies.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Medical Marijuana Research Update

​On this episode we are joined by two experts on the topic of medical marijuana... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Loving Life with Loving Meditations

On this episode, Tamara Green, LCSW, and her husband David Dachinger share information about their Loving Meditations program.... Read more

3 Lists to Free Your Mind and Lift Your Spirit

We humans love making lists. There are many different types of lists that we have written over the years — the classic to-do list, the adventurous bucket list, and the dreamy wish list to name a few. Why are lists so near and dear to our hearts? They can bring order, help us remember, be long or short, relieve stress, and focus our minds.... Read more

Mind-Body-Spirit Surgery Support

On this episode, world-renowned breast surgeon and integrative oncologist Beth Dupree, MD, discusses her mind-body-spirit approach to healing and how she applies that to her surgical work.... Read more

Stress Management Techniques

On this show, Nancy Gahles, DC, will discuss a technique that she uses to help her patients manage stress more effectively.... Read more

In Loving Memory…

This time of year we honor and remember those who served this country and have given the ultimate sacrifice—their lives for our freedom.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Understanding Immunotherapy

On this episode, naturopathic oncologist Dr. Tina Kaczor will discuss some of the most promising immunological therapies presently being used to treat cancer.... Read more

Prostate Cancer & the Power of Lifestyle

Dr. Geo Espinosa explains how to harness the power of lifestyle changes... Read more

Sexual Dysfunction After Cancer

On this episode, this topic is tackled head on as we provide proactive things people can do to help overcome any sexual dysfunction issues after their diagnosis and treatment.... Read more

Natural Constipation Relief

On this episode, nutrition expert Dr. Felicia Stoler will provide effective strategies to help relieve occasional constipation.... Read more

Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

Dr. Cindy Howard provides strategies to help prevent or minimize hair loss and re-grow hair after treatment. If you or someone you love is going through (or has gone through) chemotherapy, you won't want to miss this show!... Read more

Lifestyle based skin cancer prevention

Learn about proactive lifestyle based skin protection and skin cancer prevention strategies.... Read more

10 Minutes of Exercise Same as 45 Minutes!

Time and energy often seem to be key barriers in our ability to exercise. But what if you could work out for just 10 minutes and get the exact same benefits as a 45-minute workout. Wouldn’t that be great!?... Read more

Support Spring Cleansing With Glutathione

Glutathione is often called the “master antioxidant” but we like to think of it as the “dynamic detoxifier.” Most people don’t realize the important role that glutathione plays in detoxification and what’s worse, many people are deficient in this important nutrient.... Read more

The Path to True Happiness—And Our New Favorite Word!

When do you feel truly happy? Is it when you are playing with your kids or grandkids? Maybe it’s walking the dog on a beautiful sunny day. Or perhaps it’s when you are savoring a wonderful meal with loved ones. While all of these activities are great representations of happy moments, they may also represent something even more profound.... Read more

Fecal Microbiata Transplantation

Dr. Mark Davis takes the 'ick' factor out of fecal transplants and explains how critical the microbiome is for gut health.... Read more

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

On this episode, inspiring cancer survivor and cancer coach, Jeanine Walston will share strategies to help transform challenging situations and deal with adversity.... Read more

Understanding Insulin Resistance

In this short video Dr. Alschuler does a great job of explaining insulin resistance and how it is connected to cancer development and progression. ... Read more

Take Back Control After Cancer

On this episode we will discuss how people diagnosed with cancer can take back control of their lives.... Read more

Exciting Research to Reduce Cancer Risk

On this episode, Dr. Ajay Goel will discuss his research that focuses on microRNA.... Read more

Hello Cancer Survivors…We need your help!

We need your help in testing survey questions. It should only take about 30 minutes of your time. Your responses will be used to validate the survey and determine which questions we should keep and which to delete.... Read more

The Real Truth About Resolutions

Recently we did a radio show giving tips on how to stick with common New Year’s resolutions. We talked about weight loss/exercise, sleep, relationships, smoking, and stress management. We love these types of shows because we get the opportunity to share interesting factoids, talk about the scientific research, and give share practical information. But here’s the real truth about resolutions: none of them matter if you don’t have a strong foundation of self-love.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Living With Uncertainty

While uncertainty can feel overwhelming and paralyze our ability to act, action is exactly the solution.... Read more

iHeartRadio: New Year’s Resolution Tips

On this episode Dr. Alschuler and Karolyn share tips on how to keep common New Year's Resolutions.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Is Going Gluten Free Right For You?

On this episode, integrative pharmacist Sherry Torkos who also has celiac disease will discuss gluten and weight loss.... Read more

Happy Holidays Thrivers!

Click on over to view our 2015 holiday message exclusively for our Thrivers... Read more

iHeartRadio: Cancer Survivor Pays It Forward

​On this episode, cancer survivor Jeff Sirlin describes his journey through cancer and why he wanted to create Cancer Wellness TV, a free resource for cancer survivors.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Dealing With The “Cliff” After Cancer

​When cancer treatment is done, people go back to a life that is just not the same.... Read more

Can Diet Really Reduce Risk of Cancer?

​In this short video Dr. Lise Alschuler not only answers a resounding YES to that question, she also describes the type of diet that can help reduce risk.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Understanding Good Fats and Bad Fats

On this episode, we’ll get the skinny on fats! Dr. Ellen McDonnell from the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center will join us to help dispel myths and provide practical advice about dietary fats and essential fatty acid supplements.... Read more

iHeartRadio: New Way to Lose Weight

On this episode, nutritionist and chef Conner Middelmann-Whitney will discuss her adaptation of the 5:2 weight loss diet. You’ll find out how eating low cal just two days a week can help you lose weight and keep it off.... Read more

Enhance Your Gratitude, Enhance Your Health

We realize that this Thrive Thought is a bit predictable considering that we will soon be reveling and relaxing on Thanksgiving day but we could not resist. The fact is writing about gratitude is one of our favorite things to do. This year we decided to put a little different spin on it by recommending a gratitude-enhancing strategy.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Understanding Autoimmunity

​On this episode, Lise interviews Karolyn about Karolyn’s recent diagnosis of the autoimmune condition known as Alopecia Areata Universalis, which is when the immune system attacks the hair follicles all over the body causing baldness.... Read more

We CAN Influence How Our Genes Behave

Big news…our DNA is not our destiny! In this short video clip from the Healing Journeys conference, Dr. Lise Alschuler describes the fascinating science of epigenetics.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Fasting During Chemotherapy

An old tool is being rediscovered for fighting cancer and helping to protect vitality through conventional treatment.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Lung Cancer Awareness

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month so on this episode, show host Karolyn Gazella will be joined by naturopathic oncologist Dr. Tina Kaczor to explore an interactive approach to both prevention and treatment of lung cancer.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: New Way to Lose Weight

On this episode, nutritionist and chef Conner Middelmann-Whitney will discuss her adaptation of the 5:2 weight loss diet.... Read more

Make Mealtime Meaningful

It’s time to slow down and savor the mealtime experience.... Read more

Breast Cancer Prevention—Spread The Word!

Breast Cancer Prevention Month is a great time to remind ourselves about the proactive steps we can take to help reduce our risk of developing breast cancer or a breast cancer recurrence.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Reducing Breast Cancer Risk

On this episode, Lise and Karolyn host Dr. Lorenzo Cohen and Alison Jefferies.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Natural Cold/Flu Prevention and Treatment

It’s that time of year again. If you are interested in natural and effective ways to prevent and treat the cold and flu, you won’t want to miss this show. ... Read more

iHeartRadio: Understandings Insulin Resistance

On this episode, we will explore causes of insulin resistance including diet, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalances and environmental toxicity.... Read more

Live a Spicy and Long(er) Life

Spices have been used to flavor, color and preserve food for thousands of years. Humankind’s appetite for spices has spurred travel, conquest, and wars. While the delightful, aromatic and intoxicating flavors derived from spices have apparently motivated these rather momentous events in human history, recent research adds another attribute to spices, particularly chili peppers. ... Read more

iHeartRadio: Surviving Survivorship

Congratulations! Now what? Fasten your seat belts, and let the adventure begin as you embark upon a whole new journey.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Probiotics and Immunity

You won’t want to miss this episode because you’ll get practical advice and cutting edge information about strengthening immunity.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Reducing Risk of Liver Cancer

​On this episode discover ​what “liver health” is and why we should be concerned about it.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Natural Ways to Boost Detoxification

Listeners will discover the truth about detox diets and explore some of the emotional aspects of detoxification.... Read more

Controlling Portion Size is Key

A foundational component of the Five to Thrive diet is to eat enough but not too much. Excess calories can lead to excess weight and often when we are overeating, we are not getting the vital nutrients we need.... Read more

Our Ode to Olive Oil

We consider the Mediterranean diet to be one of the best diets to reduce the risk of cancer. A unique feature of the Mediterranean diet is that it includes olive oil.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Enhancing Wellness with Creativity

This episode of Five to Thrive Live features two expert guests who will discuss how creativity can enhance wellness and help us heal.... Read more

We will miss Dr. Wayne Dyer

This week an iconic spiritual teacher passed away. Wayne Dyer, PhD, was an internationally renowned best-selling author and beloved speaker. Dr. Dyer was a champion of human kind and believed that we all have the power to live an extraordinary life no matter what our circumstances are.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Bacteria and Your Health

Robert Rountree, MD, is on this episode to discuss the importance of bacterial balance. Listeners will discover practical ways to create bacterial balance and enhance vitality.​... Read more

iHeartRadio: Exploring Inner Transformation

Best-selling author, poet, and spiritual teacher Mark Nepo describes his experience with cancer and his healing journey.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Talking to Your Doctor

On this episode, Karolyn interviews Dr. Alschuler about her recent tour of Australia where she did numerous seminars to educate doctors about integrative cancer care.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Creating Your Survivorship Plan

​Show hosts Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella give practical advice about how to prioritize your health after cancer treatment.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Finding a New Beginning After Cancer

Cancer survivor and internationally renowned photographer Bill Aron, PhD, will share his story about his cancer diagnosis and describe why he wanted to create a book featuring photographs of inspirational cancer survivors from all walks of life.... Read more

5 Tips to Multiply Your Minutes of Movement

There was a time when we felt the only way to be fit was to put on your work out clothes and hit the gym for an hour each day. For those of us who are not inclined to make time for a gym workout, thankfully there is an alternative.... Read more

Put These on Your Plate

These potent natural chemicals have actually been shown in clinical studies to kill cancer cells, enhance immunity, and reduce inflammation.... Read more

Have You Tried Yoga Yet?

If you haven’t tried yoga yet, here are a few reasons why you may want to give it a try!... Read more

10 Reasons to Drink More Water

Do you drink enough water? Check out this infographic to find out.... Read more

iHeartRadio: Better Oral Health With Herbs

Discover simple, at home remedies to help enhance your the health of teeth and gums.... Read more

More Benefits of Light Intensity Physical Activity

A study published in mid-April is changing the way we think about exercise. Srinivasan Beddhu, from the University of Utah School of Medicine and colleagues analyzed data from 3,626 of the participants in the NHANES cohort whose activity had been tracked with accelerometers to examine whether low intensity exercise impacted long term health.... Read more

What Is Insulin Resistance? Why Is It Important?

One of the most challenging, important concepts underlying chronic diseases is a concept called insulin resistance. This is something that is increasingly prevalent in people and it really goes hand-in-hand with the increasing amount of obesity that we are seeing.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Healthy People With Cancer

On this episode, we explore what it means to be healthy before a cancer diagnosis, how it impacts the way you go through treatment, and what habits to develop that build and cultivate resilience.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: How to Recover From Chemobrain

We can recover brain function much more than we think! On this episode, brain researcher Xavier Figueroa, PhD, explains how people can recover from chemobrain and other brain injuries.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Brain Boosting Foods That Taste Great

On this episode, chef, author and culinary expert Rebecca Katz helps translate brain science into the kitchen for optimal yum.... Read more

Patient Empowerment

One of the most fundamental rights that each of us has is the right health care. That does not just mean access to healthcare. It also means access to quality healthcare. It means access to relationships with our healthcare providers that are deep enough that they truly understand who we are, what is driving and causing our symptoms,... Read more

What Is Naturopathic Oncology?

What we are really focused on is providing support through naturopathic principles and practice from the time even before the diagnosis of cancer, if people are interested in prevention, through the time of active oncology treatment all the way past the time to the prevention of recurrence.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Environmental Toxicity and Cancer Risk

Environmental medicine expert, Dr. Walter Crinnion, shares his advice about how we can reduce the impact that environmental toxins have on our health.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Simple Steps to Releasing Fear

There are five steps to letting go of cancer fear. On this episode you'll find out what those steps are and how you can implement them into your daily lives. Learn how to transform that paralyzing fear into empowerment.... Read more

A Tip for Releasing Fear of Cancer Recurrence

It’s Monday, and on Thursday you’re having a followup scan to check for evidence of cancer recurrence. You feel fine, but the fear won’t leave you alone. Your neck and shoulders are tense, you’re not sleeping, and you can’t seem to focus at work. You wonder how you’re going to make it through the week.... Read more

How Much Exercise Is Needed to Decrease Cancer Risk?

One of the key components of good health is movement. Our bodies are meant to move and in fact this has been something that naturopathic doctors have been telling patients for a very long time.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Spirituality in Action

On this episode find out what it means to be engaged spiritually and how we can lead with spirit and heart in order to guide the heal and healing of our own lives and the betterment of our community.... Read more

Epigentics and Cancer Prevention: How our lifestyle choices impact our DNA

One of the most interesting, really fascinating aspects of our understanding about cancer is a concept called, epigenetics. You’re probably thinking “Epi – what???”... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: How to Protect and Enhance Skin Health

On this episode, Dr. Trevor Holly Cates, also known as The Spa Dr and is a leading skin health expert, shares her secrets and cutting edge wisdom on how to help you achieve glowing, vibrant skin.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Learning More About Genetics and Cancer

Naturopathic oncology expert, Dr. Dan Rubin, joins us to discuss the impact our genetics have on cancer risk and treatment outcomes. Learn how our genetics impact inflammation, immunity and more. And more importantly, learn what we can do about it!... Read more

Do Dietary Supplements Increase Cancer Risk?

A recent presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting has been getting a lot of media attention lately. Basically, the researcher challenged the safety of dietary supplements, specifically multivitamins, and stated that taking dietary supplements may increase cancer risk.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Understanding a Remarkable Botanical - Honokiol

On this episode, Isaac Eliaz, MD, explains the diverse benefits of the botanical extract honokiol.... Read more

Lifestyle Factors and Liver Cancer Risk

Study finds that obesity increases the risk of liver cancer as well as three or more daily alcoholic drinks increase the risk of liver cancer. Interestingly, the study found that coffee consumption decreased the risk of liver cancer. ... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Prostate Cancer and Active Surveillance

This year 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many of them will choose "active surveillance" because their cancer is slow moving and in the early stages.... Read more

Good Ol’ Vitamin C May Help Women With Breast Cancer

An important study was published in the March 2014 issue of the European Journal of Cancer that took a deep look at the effects of vitamin C on breast cancer survival.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Proactive Breast Cancer Prevention

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, also known as "The Natural Nurse," gives listeners practical advice on how to reduce risk of breast cancer.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Healing Power of Nature-Based Therapies

What is ecotherapy and how can it benefit our health?... Read more

How Dwelling Can Be Dangerous

Have you spent any time ruminating recently? That’s when we obsess and over-think things. The term rumination actually refers to chewing on something and that’s what we do in our minds—we chew and chew and chew.... Read more

Attention Carnivores: Here’s The Truth About Red Meat

A recent study involving meat intake and cancer risk made us think about the bad wrap that meat sometimes gets. Saying all meat is bad is like saying all berries are good, when, in fact, non-organic berries can be very bad. So, let’s break it down first by taking a look at the latest study.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Reclaim Your Identity After Trauma

Michele Rosenthal, author of Your Life After Trauma discusses three key steps everyone needs to take to heal from trauma.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple

On this episode the topic of meditation is explored but it's more about how to live a more mindful life.... Read more

Science Update on Citicoline to Support Brain Health

Citicoline is a natural substance that supplies the brain with vital nutrients so it can continually generate electrical impulses and protect neurons from free radical damage.... Read more

iHeartRadio Talk: Creating Calm And Sleeping Soundly

On this episode, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos will give advice on how to reduce anxiety, cope with stress and sleep better.... Read more

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