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Tue, September 02, 2014 - The Stress Remedy -

Doni Wilson, ND, will join us to discuss her new book, The Stress Remedy. During this episode, you will discover:

  • Not all stress is “bad” – to be alive is to be stressed
  • Why your body is at times less than optimal
  • What factors contribute to one’s stress reactions
  • The balanced stress response
  • And more!

Dr. Doni Wilson (Dr. Doni), an award- winning naturopathic doctor and nutritionist with an expertise in treating stress- related ailments.  She is also the creator of a specialized approach to food sensitivities and “eating for health” - The Hamptons CleanseTM, a popular, gluten-free nutritional regimen that reduces inflammation, heals leaky gut, supports detoxification and weight loss, and brings the body back to a state of optimal health.

The conversation begins at 7 pm EST. Listen and ask your questions in the chat room at www.w4cs.com.

Tue, September 16, 2014 - How to Use Chinese Medicine to Support Recovery from Cancer Treatment -

​Winston Cardwell, ND, LAc, visits Five to Thrive Live to discuss Chinese botanical medicine and acupuncture as methods to enhance quality of life, increase survivorship, and reduce risk of recurrence, for people after conventional cancer treatment.

Dr. Winston Cardwell is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Physician and acupuncturist. Dr. Cardwell graduated in 2005 from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), a federally accredited four year medical school, with degrees in both naturopathic and Classical Chinese medicine. Additionally, he has advanced training in integrative oncology, integrative cardiology, and environmental medicine as well as being a Medical Academy of Pediatric Needs (MAPS) fellow. Dr. Cardwell founded Atlanta Integrative Medicine in Roswell, GA, where he shares a practice with Dr. Forrest Smith, MD and specializes in naturopathic oncology, difficult to treat chronic illnesses. The comprehensive approach to wellness he uses includes an extensive historical intake, a detailed physical examination including tongue and pulse analysis, and conventional as well as functional laboratory testing, when indicated.

The conversation begins at 7 pm EST. Listen and ask your questions in the chat room at www.w4cs.com.

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